Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring! No Really!

There is no place like home! Our passive solar house took care of itself while we were away for 8 months. Our raised garden beds will be ready for an early planting of seedlings, but still might need the plastic row covers to warm them up a bit. Here's Farmer Jim bringing in water that we draw by hand from our well. 
We arrived at winter's half time, after spending the first half taking our boat down to Florida. Yes, we enjoyed the warm, salty air and all the lying about, but it is so-o-o good to be home. These snaps were all taken on the same day, you can see there is still quite a bit of snow.

Jim started the lettuce seedlings  last week, look at those babies go! They make a unique bedroom accent, don't you agree? Can't wait for the Milford Market to commence, it is usually the Saturday after the May long weekend. It is easier to eat local and organic now than ever before, so many markets are springing up. We even enjoy locally raised meat at our market. 

...And my trusty steed/lettuce delivery vehicle. After this week's news story of gloom and doom regarding climate change, it makes me happy to know that there will always be enough oil for bike chains. It can be a challenge to take up commuting by bike, but I found it easier with each trip in to town; I got a bit more fit and a lot more organized.
Hope you all are enjoying whatever spring there is around you, stay well.