Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So what we have here, my dears, is a drive-shed. For our three vehicles. Two electric bikes and my good old standard Oversized Trek bike, which I love so much. 

 We got the sides on and thought about a roof, but...ya know!
 Then we moved in.
 And so did some barnswallows! Boy, those birds are quick!
Anyhow, have a good look at our garlic. They really are quite big! 126 juicy, crunchy delicious bulbs, all divided up for one single bulb given to us by our good friend Jackie, thanks Jackie! When we saw how well that one  bulb did, we decided to see whether we could grow it to sell at the Milford Market Square, looks like a go, but for next year.
More later when we around to a roof on the drive/woodshed.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We "took off" our   first cut of mint last week.

Then hung the bundles to dry from the rafters in the Mini House. The place smells very, very fresh. I have dreams of brushing my teeth!!!
I am always surprised at how one can enjoy fresh mint. One gentleman buys a bundle every week from me at the Milford Market, just for the aroma. I like a sprig muddled up in my water.  A few handfuls chopped up in whatever cooked/sprouted grain makes a beatiful salad beginning. We have a few varieties to blend together for a delightful tea, but I won't think about tea weather yet...it'll come soon enough.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sprummer is here!

Yeah, spring and summer sorta amalgamated. And here we are. Hot.
But we are here, home from our latest sailing adventure. After selling the boat en route (!), we UHauled everything home from North Carolina and settled back  into the mini house. The spring showed up in a hurry and gave way to summery conditions, hence my new term, sprummer.
Seeing how we did get home early, we decided to plant a market garden and see what would happen. Well! The first thing to come up was the grand rapids leaf lettuce. The rhubarb and aspargus didn't need any help, they do their own thing. But then we got two or three nights of frost, that spoiled whatever had come up, but the good news is that we are now getting subsequent stalks and they are tasty.
The red leaf lettuce and spinach seeds didn't sprout, time to renew the seed stock! The beets and chard are looking good, though, and we are doing a rain-dance that will be a sure hit with the weather gods!
So Greenbush Greens will ride again, literally, delivered by bike to the Milford Market Square, which runs every Saturday from 9-2pm.
Fair Pilger, we wish you and your new daddy calm waters and fun new cruising in Texan waters.
It's good to be home and not lose the tan we got during our Bahamian winter!