Thursday, January 28, 2010


We got a sexy, new (er) car! Can yuh make out the sleek lines, the bold colour and brand new tires? Well, neither could we, not this snowy lake-effecty morning.
But we're pleased to have recycled yet another hunk of steel, this one being a Hyundai Accent. The old Honda was dragging its ass around, waiting to be retired. Anyone need parts for a '95 Civic?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost Spring!

Pilger waits in the ice of Picton Harbour. I had forgotten to bring my trusty camera on the day it snowed, hence I missed the shot of coyote tracks going up to the stern and leaving a wee yellow spot. Judging by the other sets of prints, some two-legged boot-wearer came for a close up.

The second picture is of a coyote in our back yard, he/she was just standing there, waiting for Robbie to come out to "play". Quite a big dog.

Anyhow, we are spending our days doing all kinds of interesting things. In our garden musings, for t'is the season, we have decided to see if a Seedy Saturday would take hold in Picton. Seedy Saturday is the brain-child of an organization called Seeds of Diversity, see . They promote home gardening and seeds saving. The website is a great one one, full of info on cultivars, heritage varieties, gardening info and , of course, a full listing of Seedy Events near you! At a SS you would bring seeds you have saved from your own garden, or one that you helped along, and swap some of yours for someone elses of a different variety. Being our first year, most attendees will not have any of their own seeds, so they may help themselves to some some of ours, to get the ball rolling for nest year. There will be a talks given by the Pro's, addressing certain gardening topics, including composting, actual seed saving and possible treatments of certain species, say some who knows a whole lot about every variety of tomato known to mankind. More updates later!
We have gathered an interested crowd to help and possibly take charge in the coming years. We do believe that as many as are able should grow food for themselves. The quality and nutrition level of home-grown veggies has simply got to be better than stuff shipped from afar. If you save your own seeds, you will be protected from possible rising costs of foodstuffs.
The time is also right for a knitting club in Picton. How does "Wednesday nights at RoseHaven Farm Store, 7pm" sound? Maybe every other Wed. night.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some things you can't Prorogue!

Snow. Sunrise. Dogs Who Pee. You can't stop any of these things. Can't bend the sun to fit your will. Can't fire snow. And if ya try to deny a dog his morning whizz, you'll find a wet spot in the house. But if you are just a power-hungry, sweep-whatever-under-the-rug kinda guy, you could try. I think those that lived with you would notice, though. The wet spot would start to smell. We would notice you chanting at the sun and snow, and think you were up to something.
Maybe you would say to yourself, "Maybe those I live with won't care. Maybe the wet spot will be 'under their radar' ". Do you really think they won't notice?
Mr. Harper, do you really think we don't care about what the Geneva Convention states regarding the treatment of prisoners? Are we supposed to forget all about how they were hauled off to face torture simply because you have shut-down shop for a while?? I'm afraid March won't be far enough away to strip our memories of the few but important statements made by Richard Colvin. And shame on you for saying that we don't care. Now you are hiding out in The House. God only knows what you will actually get up to.
I don't often rant on about politics, it rarely gets all up-in-your-face. This time, the Right Honorable Prime Minister has lied about what we canadians think of the Afghan Detainee mistreatment and is trying to sweep it under the rug. I say it's time to air the rugs and find out what is really going on in that great big House.
Find the Email address to you local MP and tell that MP how you feel!
In the meantime, I hope you have a happy New Year, enjoy those around you and make big plans!