Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

What a beautiful season!
This picture was taken some time in late November after one of those sticky, heavy snows.  It was bright on the first day after the snowfall, but I didn't get the camera out until the nest day, a dull grey day, but pretty nonetheless.
This dull, grey weather has brought out the best and worst of living off-the-grid.  Not enough sun to put heat into the house or power into the battery bank,  so we have kept the fire going most of the day.  The house is so small that it doesn't take much to heat it up with wood, also it is new construction and well-insulated so a little heat heat lasts a long time.  Last night was a good example of leaving for a few hours and coming home to a yet-warm place.  I guess we could have fired up the generator to boost the battery bank to give us some reading lights into the night, but that would defeat the rationale of the Mini House Lifestyle Concept.  But what the hell else can we do with only candle-light, a roaring  fire and no reading lights?!     um...wait a minute...

Oh well, we'll get that all figured out.  Let's talk about the future!
Just this morning we were talking about what has priority for the New Year.  The porch?  The interior trim?  A wind generator?  Landscaping?  Our funds are quite limited now, so these decisions must be made carefully.  We think the trim should go on as soon as possible, as we have found some draughts coming in through some of the windows.  Then, I think, the porch should be finished.  The south side will be a pergola; a simple overhead run of 2x6 boards on their sides to hold up vines and other green things to provide shade from the summer sun, yet allow the winter sun directly in.  The other sides will have a tin-roof.
There is much to look forward to in the new year, besides all the house-y things.  Seed catalogues in the early winter, gardens to plan, Bob& Linda will be clearing out a hunk of the property to get ready to start their house, all kinds of friends to keep up with.  I am missing my sailor friends and really wish we could join them in their southern tours, but winter in Canada can be nice, too.  Especially Christmas.   

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