Friday, January 8, 2010

Some things you can't Prorogue!

Snow. Sunrise. Dogs Who Pee. You can't stop any of these things. Can't bend the sun to fit your will. Can't fire snow. And if ya try to deny a dog his morning whizz, you'll find a wet spot in the house. But if you are just a power-hungry, sweep-whatever-under-the-rug kinda guy, you could try. I think those that lived with you would notice, though. The wet spot would start to smell. We would notice you chanting at the sun and snow, and think you were up to something.
Maybe you would say to yourself, "Maybe those I live with won't care. Maybe the wet spot will be 'under their radar' ". Do you really think they won't notice?
Mr. Harper, do you really think we don't care about what the Geneva Convention states regarding the treatment of prisoners? Are we supposed to forget all about how they were hauled off to face torture simply because you have shut-down shop for a while?? I'm afraid March won't be far enough away to strip our memories of the few but important statements made by Richard Colvin. And shame on you for saying that we don't care. Now you are hiding out in The House. God only knows what you will actually get up to.
I don't often rant on about politics, it rarely gets all up-in-your-face. This time, the Right Honorable Prime Minister has lied about what we canadians think of the Afghan Detainee mistreatment and is trying to sweep it under the rug. I say it's time to air the rugs and find out what is really going on in that great big House.
Find the Email address to you local MP and tell that MP how you feel!
In the meantime, I hope you have a happy New Year, enjoy those around you and make big plans!

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