Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So far, so good!

...but still no pictures.
And life has been quite good. Snug as two bugs in one rug! Can't get any more snug than that! As a matter of fact, we are so damned snug that we have to crack a window open so the fireplace actually sends the woodsmoke up the chimney!
Yes, we made this important discovery one evening when the house started to fill up with smoke. I opened a window to help clear the smoke out, noticed it cease and desist, closed the window. More smoke piled into the house! Opened the window again, kept it open. Jim wondered how this could be. He figured it out. You see, the composting toilet has a pipe that goes above the roof line to ventilate its contents and evaporate the wee-wee. (hee-hee!) It works by taking air out of the house and moving it up the pipe on a hot-air-rises principle, same as the wood stove. But the toilet won! And literally sucked the wood stove's air right out! Now that's a well insulated, closed-up house!!! And one helluva breezy loo!
It has been fun transferring our knowledge of boat-living to mini-house-living. We are just beginning the process of planning and building the furniture, and hope to come up with some good designs to maximize storage space by building in-place stuff. Eventually, we will have rain-water collecting tanks built into the dining-nook settees and another under the bed. Also into the dining nook will be storage for preserves and all the beer Jim is making. And the wine we made at the local brew-on-premises place. And, by the way, the kitchen has been built, only need the cupboard doors now. Jim made it from some pretty nice vee-groove strips and the leftover maple from the laminated maple counter-top. I am the most spoiled kitchen-wench ever! Everything is handy, and very beautiful!
The comment made by most of our visitors regards the ceiling height. Before some have visited, they exclaim that they could never live in a 450 square foot home, but after they have been inside for a few minutes, they notice the cathedral ceiling in the main living area and the 9'3" ceiling everywhere else. You don't feel crowded with a lid like that!
After all the hard-core construction of the house, we are ready to take a break and work in the garden. (Some break!) We will be screening the small rocks from our soil and build up some raised beds for a vegetable garden. It'll take another year before our kitchen-compost pile is ready for spreading, even another for the toilet-compost for the flower beds and places where we want to plant trees, berry bushes and stuff. So in the meantime, I guess we'll plant what will grow in this heavy, sticky soil. Some of it is poorly drained, so we'll do what we can until the beautiful compost is ready.
So that's the plan! Having all this land available has Jim's imagination going. He is currently reading about bee keeping, maple-syrup-making, candle making and weaving. Wish the library had how-to books more current than 1986. The basic info is all there, but just a little dated.
We have become somewhat involved in our community. Jim has joined the PECurling Club, where he has volunteered to help make the ice. They are painting it today whilst I loaf about in the library, writing to you. I got a small job at the local cafe, I'll be serving tables two days a week. Might join the ShoutSister choir in January. Looking forward to becoming aqainted with my guitar on the nights Jim is out curling. There is a lucious-looking double-bass for sale at the local music store...aak!
Looking forward to showing you some pix when my laptop is back from getting repaired!
FYI, it is 0 dregrees outside, overcast with wind gusting up to 50 km, and a comfy 20 iside. No sun today, just the wood stove going. Oh, look! A tiny bit of snow! And still enough solar power to run the house lights and maybe a couple of cuts on the chop-saw.

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