Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're In!

My laptop is still fried, so no pikkies for you, so sorry!
But we have moved in! Yay! The board & batten siding is still missing its battens, but is painted a lovely soft yellow, trimmed in a rich blueberry. The wrap-around deck adds a hint of that "pressure-treated" green, which comes from a copper compound added to the mix. The GalvAlume roof is complete, although the tail of Hurricane Ike tried to swipe it when it was half-done. The drywall is taped and primed, ready for paint. The woodstove had it's inaugeral fire-up, works quite well. The passive solar gain is a thing of great beauty!!! All we really hafta do now is move the composting toilet inside. So I bought some lovely paint to get the loo ready, the same cream colour as Chelonidae's interior tongue&groove. Looks great with the spruce beam cieling.
And the flies are a real riot! No, really! Each fly-strip we put up comes back down with a feast for a family of bats, a pond of frogs and a pot of Venus Fly-Trap!
Pictures and an essay on Living Small as soon as I get some paint on the walls!

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