Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grow a garden, save yourself!

No pikkies this time, just me, blabbing away. I was at a meeting at a friend's house, when I saw the cutest wee bag made from a pair of pink corduroy pants, previously sported by a very fashionable 6 year old. It was a zen moment. Handy. Lots of pockets. Great never-slip-off-even-when-you're-chasing-boys strap.
Here's the thing: I have had a mini-pile of recyclable pants and some bits of fabric just waiting for some innovative designs to burst from my head. The wait was on! No head burst! I chopped, picked out stitches, even sewed sweater-to-blue-jean panels, but could never decide how to finish them. No inspiration. So the pile just sat there, eventually finding its way into a rubbermaid tote, which made it official that I had just begun a Fabric Stash. In my mini house. But no Coco Chanel moments. Then the Pink Pant Purse.
They chopped the legs off, sewed a bottom seam along the, well, along the bottom, then made a strap out of the legs. Duh! No buckles, pewter zipper-pulls or other adornments. My product line will be rolling off the table promptly! With these pants, I will save the world!
You see, this meeting was an idea-gathering session for the Communityy Action Prince Edward County/Quinte. They are putting a presentation & workshop together to take it to the streets: we can all do something to lessen our carbon footprint. It's fun, we get to work together and it is more meaningful than simply buying energy-efficient light bulbs.
If any of you have heard of Transition Towns, you'll know what I am talking about. (The rest of you can visit http://www.transitiontown.org/ and have a better look.) The Community Action group has the same idea.
What it all comes down to is this: People get overwhelmed by the news that our planet is slowly beginning to overheat due to excessive carbon dioxide(and other greenhouse gasses) and this will cause climate and weather to change: More unstable weather events, fiercer storms. People become unnerved when they hear that the extraction rate of fossil fuels will soon peak, then decline, then become a very expensive commodity/way of life indeed. The biggest unknown is...when?
The Community Action Group, and Transition Towns, want you to know that there is a way to build resilience to these things in your community. A few ways to do this include:
1. Plant a garden: fresher food will contain more of its nutrients and require far less fossil fuel to deliver it to you. Plan a community garden in your neighborhood. Save your own seed and be less reliant on genetically modified seeds.
2. Support local businesses selling locally produced goods and items. Keep the money in your own community to support your own families, cut gas emissions by allowing them to commute less and by yourself NOT jumping into the car to have a fun trip to Walmart.
3. Whatever your heart's desire, get it into action! James and I have a passion for growing our own food, saving seed and sharing with others so we planned for a Seedy Saturday (seed and info exchange) right here in Picton. We are also going to be producing lettuce and some veggies for The Regent Cafe. Our friend David wants to be able to walk with his wee son to get fresh veggies so he is working towards establishing a farmer's market for downtown Picton. You get the picture, just do it!
4. Of course, turn off your computer when not in use, lights too, plan to drive your car less, make a trip count for a few errands, take the bus.

And make a Pink Pant Purse. reduce. re-use. recycle. But do get started.

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Renia said...

Community Action PEC/Quinte is our latest provisional name for the Transition initiative, but since the TT process starts by putting together a steering group and planning its demise, we are not being that precise about the name. We don't want to get bogged down in words at any level: it's about action after all.
Shall we start a pink bag-making collective??? :-)