Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Hoop-Houses do it again!

Jim will be providing lettuces, green onions and whatever else pops up, to the Regent cafe. Here they are, the wee dickens! Started indoors March 7, transplanted April 1 (no foolin'!), they are going gangbusters! The plastic covers help the soil hold whatever heat it collects, keeps bunnies out too.
That top photo shows the hoop-covers off right right now. They are easy to get on and off, depending on how you design them. The supports are made by cutting lengths of some old strong pole-like stuff (in our case, some lawn chairs with the seats rotted off) and some poly-water pipe. Hammer the poles as far as they can go, then bend the pipe over to get the right shape, allowing enough length to not blow off in a wind. Get some 4mil plastic, attach it to 2x4 pine the same length as your raised bed. Roll on, roll off. Enjoy!


Christine said...

Hi Michelle, I always love reading your blog, so thought I should say so! What is your "Community action group" where you got the idea for the bag?

Michelle Lambton said...

You mean Transition Initiative Group! (TIG)
I'm handling the Celebration Dinners and refreshments for the meeting. At the next meeting, I'll be giving a wee chat about our "Gold Star" incentive system for using less fossil fuels.
Do you think people would be interested in a workshop for making bum bags?

Christine said...

What is the date of the next TIG meeting? and yes, I think we could do a workshop on making bum bags, maybe at the library? Might be something teens would be interested in too.
Let's chat about it next time you're in the library.