Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So what we have here, my dears, is a drive-shed. For our three vehicles. Two electric bikes and my good old standard Oversized Trek bike, which I love so much. 

 We got the sides on and thought about a roof, but...ya know!
 Then we moved in.
 And so did some barnswallows! Boy, those birds are quick!
Anyhow, have a good look at our garlic. They really are quite big! 126 juicy, crunchy delicious bulbs, all divided up for one single bulb given to us by our good friend Jackie, thanks Jackie! When we saw how well that one  bulb did, we decided to see whether we could grow it to sell at the Milford Market Square, looks like a go, but for next year.
More later when we around to a roof on the drive/woodshed.

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